American School of Billing and Coding (ASBC) offers market-oriented training to young professionals who intend making fortune in the medical coding industry around the world. The initiative will open the doors of a huge job market in the USA for Pakistani youth.

The training courses are offered in association with Overseas Management Group – USA and Ameri Medical Coding and Billing Service – USA.


Because many employers prefer to hire candidates with certification, earning your medical billing and coding certification gives you a competitive edge in the job market. Certification assures your prospective employers that you have the right skills and professional qualifications to do the job.

Once you’ve gained some experience in the field, pursuing medical billing and coding certification in a particular specialty—beyond just basic certification—can help boost your career. For many professional medical coders, the path to advancement is through management positions or jobs that require specialized expertise.


The course is for 24 Modules (3-5 days each). The student is allowed to complete it within six months. Upon completing 12 modules, The students start working as Billing Officers and start earning while learning

The school prepares the students for American certifications in billing and coding, complying with the standards set by AMCA (, AHIMA (, and AAPC (


Following are a few of the most accepted certifications  offered through online examinations:

  • CBCS@ Certified Billing and Coding Specialist: from the National Health career Association.
  • CPC® Certified Professional Coder from the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC).
  • CCA® Certified Coding Associate from the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).
  • *Not offered by PCDI Canada


The US market is in great need of this certification for the following reasons:

Loss of revenue:

According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, 42 percent of claims are coded incorrectly. In fact, practices lose up to 66% of their revenue annually due to coding and billing errors. U.S. Medical practices forfeit nearly $125 billion annually due to inadequate billing practices.

Common errors of billing and coding:

Errors lead to excessive claim resubmission due to denials/duplicate billing/appeal process. There are coding, record keeping and submission errors. Moreover incorrect diagnoses, procedures, duration, and units were frequently coded. All these may lead to Legal implications of under coding and over coding.

US Government Regulations:

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) has identified coding and billing as a high risk area. Fully developed effective compliance plan consistent with the U.S. Department of Health Services is becoming a major requirement. The plan must be based on “Professional requirements for service bureau per Title 18 – Department of Health Rules and Regulations” (Section 504.9 – Service bureaus). Many states and healthcare facilities have already begun to require Medical Coding Certification as a prerequisite for employment in the Medical Coding and Compliance fields

In this digital age Coding Software Technology – also labeled as encoder – streamlines the coding dynamics to mere clicks that take seconds to reach. The biggest advantage of encoding is that it can easily interface to modern control systems. Encoding is the method of converting data into a format that can be utilized for health care information processing, assembling and execution.

Coders or Medical Transcriptionists help in assigning codes to medical procedures and practices. They collaborate with the medical billing department to ensure that timely submission of health claims. They submit statistical data; conduct audits and review coding techniques to ensure precise documentation. The information is taken from physician’s notes, lab tests, scans performed, and other related medical information.

Once you’ve gained some experience in the field, pursuing medical billing and coding certification in a particular specialty—beyond just basic certification—can help boost your career. For many professional medical coders, the path to advancement is through management positions or jobs that require specialized expertise.


The online Medical Billing and Coding Undergraduate Certificate from Innoversity covers the following:


Explore reimbursement and payment methodologies applicable to healthcare provided in various US settings as it relates to relevant forms, processes, practices and the roles of health information professionals.


Abstract, classify and code medical data while also ensuring data quality and integrity.


Study the principles and guidelines for using the International Classification of Diseases system to code diagnoses and procedures.


Learn medical terminology, including the foundations of words used to describe the human body and its conditions, terminology for medical procedures, the names of commonly prescribed medications and common abbreviations.


Compile codes, categories, calculations, tabulations and audits, or verify information or data.


Study the principles and guidelines for using the Current Procedural Terminology system for reporting physician and other healthcare services, including non-inpatient procedures.


Explore the history and organization of, and current issues in, the US healthcare delivery system, including interrelationships among system components and care providers.


Enter, transcribe, store or maintain information in written or electronic form.

Medical billing and coding duties vary, but include working with healthcare professionals to determine care services and managing the claim process.

There are actually two different potential professions you can explore after receiving your Certificate in Medical Billing and Coding.

In the Medical Billing field, the Billing Officers would:
  • Submit claims to insurance companies
  • Ensure that the responsible party pays for claims
  • Manage payments and invoices
In the Medical Coding field, the coding professionals would:
  • Work with healthcare professionals to correctly identify the services and treatments a patient has received
  • Ensure that medical records correctly reflect their patients’ care
  • Stay up-to-date with new coding regulations and standards

Each participant would be immediately engaged by an American corporate employer for online job, with a starting salary of 100,000 Pak Rupees Per Month. The quality of work along with accuracy and time would efficiency would lead to package enhancement. The American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) estimates the average Certified Professional Coder (CPC) salary to be around $54,401 annually, i.e., $ 4,500 per month.

To seek medical coding course, A person must have a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree, first from life science backdrop or anything relevant. One should also have the analytical expertise to study and analyze medical records and patient details by using the appropriate codes for the sake of billing procedure. Any graduation is eligible. But compulsorily need to have knowledge of Anatomy and physiology modules. However, biology students, medicos, BAMS, BHMS, BPT, MPT, Bpharm, etc. This is the eligibility criteria to pursue Medical Coding Course in Pakistan.

From a non-life science setting, if you wish to devote some additional time to discover medical language (which is not hard, but in fact, very exciting too), one can comfortably begin with medical coding career by studying the other phases of it as well.

A basic IT and English test will be conducted online, with a cost of $10. After passing this test you may submit the admission and course fee, and your enrollment procedure will be complete.

A list of relevant fields is given below:

Graduates with Chemistry or Biology
Allied health professionals / paramedics
Those having F.Sc. pre-medical with B grade
IT graduates with appropriate knowledge of biology
Accounts graduates with appropriate knowledge of biology
Those having A-level certification with either chemistry or biology
Those having O-level certification with both Chemestry and Biology
Course Processing & Facilitation $150
Certification Preparation Course $1,000
1st Installment $500   at the time of admission.
2nd Installment $500 in the mid of course
Course Duration 3-6 months
  The Package Includes:
  • Reading Material.
  • Online Learning Testing.
  • Learning Exams.
  • Guidance from Tutors
  • Billing & Coding Specialist Certification (BCSC) Examination Fee

15 Sep– 14 Dec 2020

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