About us

The Chairman

Dr. Zafar Iqbal Qadir

Dr. Zafar Qadir, the founding Chairman of ‘Taaleem Foundation’ and ‘The Innoversity’, has been a senior professional in the public sector with a significant diversity in roles and experience from philanthropy to private sector support, corporate sector facilitation, and public sector service delivery.

In the public sector, he worked as Federal Secretary in the Ministry of IT & Telecom, Chairman National Disaster Management Authority, Additional Secretary to the President of Pakistan; and Economic Minister to the World Trade Organization at Geneva, Switzerland.

He has been Chairman of PTCL, Telecom Foundation, and Virtual University Boards; and a member on the Boards of Universal Service Fund, ICT R&D Fund, OGDCL, Inter-State Gas System (ISGS), Government Holdings (Private) Limited, and Agricultural Development Bank of Pakistan.

Dr. Qadir holds a Doctorate in Development Studies; and Master degrees in Business, Economics and Political Science. He attained the management, law and trade related skills at the University of Connecticut (USA), University of Manchester (UK), ADB Institute (Philippines), International Trade Institute (Singapore), Advisory Centre for WTO Laws (Switzerland) and the International Trade Centre (Switzerland).

He conceptualized and pioneered the application of public private partnership model in 1989, where he set up the first school of Taaleem Foundation in Balochistan run on PPP mode.

He believes in deployment of technological solutions to engineer social change; and remains focused on empowering human resource with purposeful education, meaningful collaboration and inter-cultural communication for a peaceful and prosperous global society.

The Innoversity is owned and operated by ICT4E (SMC) Private Limited, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan since 2016.


Professor Dr. Saad Rehman, Vice Chancellor, International Institute of Science, Arts and Technology, Gujranwala, Pakistan

Professor Dr Tariq Masood, Department of Engineering, University of Glasgow, UK 

Dr. Muqeem ul Islam Soharwardi , Director General, National Institute of Management, Peshawar.

Mr. Uzair Karghatra Memon , Chairman, Swiss Serenade, Switzerland

Ms Masooma Tiwana President, American Medical Equipment Inc. USA

Mr. Moinuddin Qureshi  Chief Executive Officer, Innoversity


The Innoversity is owned and operated by ICT4E (SMC-PVT) Limited.
Each School of The Innoversity is separately managed by its respective management team and the faculty.