K-12 Schooling

Virtual School

The Innoversity aims at providing all tiers of online education from pre-school to Ph.D. in partnership with the national and international institutions of repute. In the K-12 segment, The Innoversity excels in providing the best learning experience by connecting the students online with teachers in an interactive mode, using theme-based interactive learning.

For K-12 schooling, our trusted partner is TAALEEM FOUNDATION that has launched a number of innovative initiatives in formal schooling in Pakistan. These initiatives include:

TF Grammar School System

This is a chain of schools launched and operated by Taaleem Foundation in Balochistan since 1989. This is the single largest initiative of quality schooling and women empowerment in rural Balochistan. The schools run in public-private-partnership mode, with the government officials at the helm of affairs in their respective district lead the operational structure, called “School Syndicates”. Details available at www.tf.edu.pk

E-School Network

This is the integrated K-12 education solution that provides a marketplace for all stakeholders to get engaged for mutual benefit in promoting the youth in the most productive manner. This is a digital platform that connects teachers, students, educational managers, content providers, publishers and vendors of educational resources in an integrated manner. Details available at www.eschoolnetwork.com

Virtual School

This is a franchise version of the e-School for pre-school and primary school classes. This would be compatible with the needs of formal schooling, informal education, non formal education as well as adult literacy. Focus remains on integrating digitize curriculum with audiovisual support and interactive mode of learning, using QR codes and Augmented Reality.

Digital School

This is the first online school in Pakistan, enrolling the first batch of Grade-VI students in 2020, and would keep adding a batch every successive year to reach to the level of Grade-XII. Details available at: www.digitalschoolonline.com















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