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Swiss School of Languages is a franchise of HBEC Switzerland that specializes in imparting much needed linguistic skills in youth to cope with global job requirements. In Switzerland, the HBEC only works together with schools with certified management quality. In collaboration with partner schools HBEC Switzerland offers Hotel and Restaurant Management Education. The HBEC offers a specially designed study programs in hospitality management. In order to guarantee a multifaceted traineeship, each of the diploma courses has 3 to 4 different certified learning paths in the areas of language and communication, catering and service training, housekeeping, beverage courses, accounting, hotel administration, business leadership seminars, as well as economy and law. The training is practically orientated and in addition to theoretical courses, has paid training in the hotel industry, gastronomy or tourism. The Swiss School offers Certificate, Diploma and Degree Courses in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, Turkish and Urdu (as a foreign language) in association with its partner Universities at home and abroad. The School gives access to the students with the corporate world through interactive sessions and online classes through its e- Learning platform, providing an edge to face the world realities. In Swiss School of Languages you are connected to all Swiss Educational Institutions and a host of partner organizations through digital medium.