Swiss School of Tourism & Hospitality is a franchise of HBEC-Switzerland (Hospitality and Business Education Colleges-Switzerland) that specializes in imparting much-needed skill in youth to cope with global job requirements. In Switzerland, the HBEC-Switzerland only works together with schools with certified management quality. In collaboration with partner schools abroad, the HBEC-Switzerland offers a variety of programs, including hospitality management, tourism, business administration, banking, finance, education technology, and foreign languages.


With approx. 231 million people employed, the tourism branch can be considered to be the most important employers in the word. International traveling account for 25 to 30 percent of the world trade in the service industry.  This beach is growing steadily and is expected to develop into one of the biggest sectors of the service industry worldwide in the next 10 years. The right training in this industry will make you one of the most sought-after professionals in the job market in any part of the world.

Switzerland plays a leading role internationally in this area of the tourism industry with quality and competence being here the most important assets. Tourism, which adds significantly to the economy (more than 21 million foreign visitors in 2018, according to Swiss Tourism Federation), helps to balance Switzerland’s trade deficit.


Training and proficiency are important factors in engaging and sustaining a country’s economy. For these completing the course, it presents the opportunity of successfully using skills gained during studies in their own country’s tourism industry. In Switzerland, the HBEC only works together with certified management quality.

The HBEC offers a specially designed study program in hospitality management, In order to guarantee a multifaceted training ship, each of the diploma courses has 3 to 4 different certificated learning path in the areas of language and communication, catering and service training, housekeeping, beverage courses, accounting, hostel administrator, business leadership seminar, as well as economy and law.

The training is practically orientated and in addition to theoretical courses, has training in the hotel industry, gastronomy, or tourism.


The Tourism and Hospitality Management 4-year program shall be spread over eight semesters and a student will be required to earn 148 credit hours to complete this degree course. The Degree will be titled “Bachelor in Tourism & Hospitality Management”.

Program Objectives

The Objectives of Tourism and Hospitality Management Program is to provide education, training and much needed skill-mix to prepare individuals for effective job performance in the hospitality, tourism and entertainment industries in domestic and global job markets. On completion of this program, students will be able to:
  1. Understand theory and practice regarding upcoming trends in global tourism and hospitality industry;
  2.  Study emerging overseas markets and local potential for developing tourism and hospitality management linkages;
  3. Understand the socio-economic impact of developing tourism industry in developing countries;
  4. Gain sufficient knowledge for promoting the culture of professional tourism and hospitality industry in Pakistan;
  5. Understand the management functions of tourism and hospitality industry including human resource management, financial management, supply chain management, marketing and technology-based solutions for qualitative service delivery.
A Compulsory Courses (HEC Requirement) Credit Hours
1 English Composition and Applied Grammar 03
2 Islamic Studies/Ethics and Morality 02
3 Pakistan Studies 02
4 General Science 03
5 Introduction to Computing 03
6 Economic Geography 03
7 Introduction to Mass Communication 03
8 Urdu Comprehension and Grammar 03
9 Fundamentals of Sociology 03
Sub Total (Credit Hours) 25
B Foundation Courses
1 Introduction to tourism and hospitality 03
2 Gastronomy and Culinary Art 03
3 Hospitality and Tourism Industry 03
4 Restaurant Management 03
5 Pakistan – Tourist Destinations 03
6 Travel and Tour Operations 03
Sub Total (Credit Hours) 18
C General Courses
1 Language and Communication – I (International Language) 06
2 Language and Communication – II (International Language) 06
3 Language and Communication – III (International Language) 06
4 Food Production Principles 03
5 House Keeping 3
6 Food and Beverage Service 03
7 Front Office Operations 03
8 Technology in the Hospitality Industry 03
Sub Total (Credit Hours) 33
D Elective Courses
1 Consumer Behavior 03
2 Principles of Management 03
3 Event Management 03
4 Tourism Management 03
5 International Hotel Management 03
6 Sports and Adventure Tourism 03
7 Emerging Trends in Tourism And Hospitality 03
8 Destination Branding 03
9 Eco Tourism / Sustainable Tourism 03
10 Supply Chain Management 03
Sub Total (Four courses out of ten above to be opted by each student) 12
E Internship
1 Internship / Exposure Visit to PTDC / TDCP (2nd Semester: 1 week) 03
2 Internship / On-job Training – I (2nd Semester: 16-20 weeks) 12
3 Internship / Exposure Visit to Tourist Resorts (4th Semester: 2 weeks) 03
4 Internship / On-job Training – II (4th Semester: 16-20 weeks) l 12
5 Internship / Exposure Visit to Hospitality Industry (6th Semester: 2 weeks) 03
6 Internship / Research Study (6th Semester: 16-20 weeks) 12
7 Internship / On-job Training – IV (8th Semester: 16-20 weeks) 15
Sub Total (Credit Hours) 60
Grand Total: Courses: 34 Credit Hours: 148
PAID INTERNSHIP in Switzerland for 16-20 weeks during the final semester. Keeping in view the potential career opportunities of our students, nearly 50% time is devoted to practical skills through:

  • Focused and intensive internship programs
  • Exposure visits
  • On-job trainings

The Internship program is for 16-20 weeks during every other semester, carrying 15 credit hours each. This would enable the students to learn the ground realities, gain practical knowledge and apply it well at every level of performance in the industry.

The student’s career is designed to gradually climb the ladder of growth through compatible knowledge and hands-on experience during the process.
  • Experience of handling the staff at hotels, restaurants and tourist resorts from every department and training the subordinates regarding the code of conduct and best HR practices.
  • Sound knowledge and understanding of food and beverage preparation, etiquettes and customer service training etc.
  • Experience of managing payrolls, maintaining schedules, planning and organizing events at the tourism and hospitality settings.
  • Ability to supervise proper hygiene, cleanliness and environmental compliances.
  • Experience of checking and replenishing the inventory and supply chain.
  • Experience of conducting quality check from time-to-time, by strictly abiding by the compliance requirements and international hospitality standards.
  • Great presentation and inter-personal communication skills, with prompt and friendly customer service ability.
  • Sound knowledge and know-how of entrepreneurship to start, manage and supervise own business in hospitality and tourism industry.
  • Soft spoken, patient, humble and modest with welcoming attitude towards the customers.

Admission requirements

Applicants must have prior education (at least HSSC (FA or F.SC) or equivalent with minimum 2nd division) from any recognized institute of Pakistan, motivation letters and other documents specified on the web of the degree program, eventually entrance exam.

Criteria for evaluation

Applicants are evaluated and admitted on the basis of the documents they submit merit (marks obtained in previous examination), entrance exam and interview; the evaluation scale is 0 – 100 points with 60 as the passing level.  Admissions will be on open or the criteria decided by the respective bodies of the university as per rules in vogue.

15 Sep– 15 Nov 2020

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